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BC Cleaning provides a comprehensive cleaning service to suit all requirements whether domestic or commercial

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Services are available as a one-off [a Spring clean, for instance] or as regular daily, weekly or monthly services


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Specialised Services

Server Room Cleaning

BC Cleaning provides a specialised cleaning service for your Server / Comms Room[s].

Often neglected, dusty and cluttered, a typical server room needs a good clear & clean but no-one will do it!

BC Cleaning provides the solution.

An agreed cleaning [one-off or regular] is established in co-ordination with the IT manager and would typically include:

  • clear clutter and redundant items
  • vac out cabs and general area [including high level]
  • lift floor tiles and clear & clean
  • wipe down and clean all surface areas

The service may cover a single location [server / comms room] or multiple locations.

To arrange a site visit for a survey please contact Bridget Local Cleaners

 01926 817 594

BC Cleaning

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BC Cleaning

Areas Covered: Warwickshire