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One of the first businesses in Warwickshire, if not the first, BC Cleaning now accepts Bitcoin

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BC Cleaning

Bridget's Cleaners - Southam

Cleaning & Contract Services for Southam and the surrounding area




Stockton [Southam] based BC Cleaning becomes one of the first companies in Warwickshire to accept Bitcoin.

BC Cleaning, based in Stockton, has become one of the first, if not the first, business to accept Bitcoin in Warwickshire.

BC Cleaning, based near Southam, offers a range of cleaning products & services to businesses in the South Warwickshire area and now is accepting Bitcoin as a method of payment.

As a pioneer in this form of finance, BC Cleaning is the only Warwickshire firm listed in the influential Use Bitcoin website:


The Use Bitcoin website also has an illustrative map allowing users to find businesses throughout the globe which accept Bitcoin.

Bridget, Proprietor of BC Cleaning says: “We already accept payment via PayPal which allows us to accept Credit Cards. Adding Bitcoin allows our customers the facility to pay for services using their virtual Bitcoin wallet instead of a real one!”.

“Customers who are using Bitcoin now have the option to use them with us. I see Bitcoin as a flexible easy payment method offering customer choice”. 

Bitcoin is still in its infancy and has many detractors, however, it could be the start of a change in the world economy. Bridget: “Trading with Bitcoin eliminates the need for using banks on a day to day basis. This can be only a good thing as it’s one less mouth to feed! Like Paypal, for the small business user, trading can be done using Bitcoin as a currency and you merely ‘cash in the coins’ if and when you have to. They can be viewed as tokens, really”.

“After the banking fiasco, which we continue to pay for, I am exited about a currency that bypasses them entirely”.

“Bitcoin also forms a part of our ability to trade on-line. My website auto detects mobile and tablet users and gives them a mobile version of the site. Bitcoin fits in to this and offers a slick contactless payment method “.



BC Cleaning

BC Cleaning is an established local business catering for Southam, Warwickshire, and the surrounding area.


BC Cleaning

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BC Cleaning

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